Writing Jungle – Scramble States

This morning we started doing a writing assignment  where we do dictation every day.  The first day (today) we chose a poem from Shel Silverstein poems, “Stupid Pencil Maker” and “Signals”.  The 1st day you just copy the poem, 2nd day you leave some blanks read the poem to the girls and then let them try to spell the words correctly left out. Second day you read the poem and the girls try to write the whole thing, then the 4th day  I type the poem and make a lot of mistakes and I am going to pay the girl a star (each star is worth $0.50), girls are trying to earn money for our Disney homeschool trip.

This will help the girls with penmanship, spelling, punctuation, and dictation…

We also did a little work today on learning about the states… with a fun game called The Scrabble the States of America… very fun game I would give it a 10

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