World famous slopper and architecture at a church

IMG_3947Rubber Ducky and I love going and trying out new and exciting foods and one of our favorite shows is Food Wars.  Traveling across the USA has allowed us to try out some of the most delicious foods across America.  This time we got to try the slopper, an open face hamburger that is placed in a large bowl and spicy pork chili is smothered over the top.

We are on our way to – somewhere and decided we would drop by our friends that live in Colorado springs, Colorado.  They only live about 35 minutes from Pueblo, Colorado and they thought it would be fun to go and try it also.  Our original plan was to try both sloppers but things happen so we only tried the winning slopper

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All six of us made it to Sunset Inn Cafe right before the lunch crowd.  Everyone agreed to try the slopper including the kids.  They ran out of kids hamburgers buns so the kids were give huge adult ones but they didn’t mind. Everyone loved the slopper and the girls loved it so much they used the chili as french fry dip.

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After a yummy lunch, we made our way to Colorado Springs Airforce Base to see some amazing architecture.  I love looking and learning about beautiful churches.  This church was extra neat because the airforce made one church where everyone could come to worship.  The christian was on top, then the muslim, buddhist, jewish and catholic in the basement.  The stained glass windows on the first floor were beautiful and how they put the building together in pieces like building blocks.

After some architecture we made our way back to the camper where our new friend spent two nights in a row.  The girls had fun watching movies, riding a double bike all over the camp.  We had so much fun hanging our with our new friends it was hard to leave.


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