Which Pumpkin has the most pumpkin seeds – Scary Halloween Pumpkin Experiments

pumpkinmostseedsSometimes it is hard as a homeschool parent or teacher to come up with great learning ideas.  You have to get very creative and this time I found a fun experiment that covers more than one area of study.  This Halloween science experiment is great because it teaches math, estimation, measuring, science, reading, and it is tons of fun!

1.  Find Perfect Pumpkin
I started off the Halloween Science experiment by letting the kids choose 3 different size pumpkins, mainly because I thought they would very a lot in the number of seeds they held.  They chose the huge one, a white one that was medium size and a very small one.  I was very surprised at the results, and with more research and deduction we found out why one pumpkin has more seeds that another.

2.  Research

We started off by reading one of my favorite books written by MargaretIMG_0848 McNamara, How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? All the girls took turns reading a page and I had them stop half way though so we didn’t ruin the ending. I also have some other fun Halloween books and pumpkin carving kits you might enjoy.

3.  Make your Hypothesis
Each girl grabbed a pumpkin and made their prediction on the number of seeds in each pumpkin.  We named all the pumpkins including the ones for our rotting pumpkin experiment. The girls then measured the circumference, weighed, and counted the number of creases and wrote everything down on a quantitative worksheet that I got from the original website. I found this science idea on the scholastic teacher website called The other pumpkin project – Math, Science, and Fun!

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The girls prediction is that the white pumpkin “Purple” with 250 seeds, I thought the smaller pumpkin would have the most.

4.  Messy Counting
This was the girls favorite part, they loved digging in and getting messy.  After we scooped out all the “guts” we separated the seeds and dried them.  They laid out all the seeds and got to work counting them.  Sugar counted them one by one, Huggs counted by 10s and Munchy counted them by twos, fives and 100s.

Name Estimate circumfrence weight creases # seeds
Purple 250 21m 5.5lb 20 493
Latern of Doom 100 23m 3.5lb 13 272
Jack o Latern 200 36m 12.5lb 25 472

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