What is Unschooling? Unschooling Information and Road Schooling Tips for Parents and Kids

Many parents wonder what is unschooling? And how do I get involved too provide my children with a high quality education? Unschooling is not a new concept. It has been around since 1960 and was started by John Holt who coined the phrase. However as many parents are asking, “What is unschooling?” It’s evident that this methodology is regaining momentum as a way to educate children at home and to use everyday experiences as a change to learn and grow.

 Unschooling One of the cornerstones of unschooling is providing educational opportunities whenever possible and a road trip is a popular family outing and offers a wide range of learning experiences:

Unschooling Tips for Road Schooling

1. Use an iPad

Many parents still think of products like the iPad as being an expensive toy when in fact, this handheld tablet is a resource of information that can be taken on any road trip. learn to modThe iPad is a great way to encourage children to research questions that are on their mind, and to find facts on their own, encouraging independence and research skills.

The iPad can be used in a variety of ways on road trips:

  • Children can watch tutorials to make crafts on YouTube
  • Kids can take online courses
  • Children can play free, educational games

The iPad makes learning limitless and whether children are looking at classic artwork, researching their next project or watching a documentary this is a great way to approach road schooling.

2. Road Schooling Stops and Destinations

img_0537Even if the family is going to visit relatives, parents can budget extra time to visit museums, art galleries, famous landmarks and hiking trails along the way to provide their children with as much educational experiences as possible. This is also a great time for children to utilize their skills or areas of interest such as practicing photography at the zoo or being inspired for their next experiment at a science center.

Offering these road schooling experiences provides children with inspiration and the constant motivation that they need to continually take on new projects and the time to play and be kids; this is a huge part of the unschooling philosophy.

3. Take Time for Goal Setting

Unschool CurriculumKids should set goals for themselves and work towards these objectives, just like adults do. A road trip is one of the best times to have a family discussion about what projects will be tackled next and how the children will take their idea and make it a reality. This is also one of the best ways for children and their parents to work together; build trust and bond.
When kids are given the responsibility of goal setting at an early age they will mature more quickly, be more independent than their peers and learn about a wide range of topics that truly interest them.

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