What to make with Duck Tape – purse

What to make with Duck Tape?

What to make with Duct Tape, that is the big question today. The first thing the girls wantedplayground lake mayer to do is find something they could decorate, so why not start at the Good Will. The girls found a bunch of purses, wallets, a vest, and I found some boots. I bought a bunch of the fun duck tape at AC Moore on sale a couple of days ago.

duck tape purseWe had our first Girl Scout meeting today. We all met at Lake Mayer and the girls started off by playing on the playground while the moms set up. Each girl grabbed a purse and their favorite Duck tape and just started taping the purses. They had a lot of fun adding tape to the purse and making their own designs.

pasport franceWe actually started our day by riding to the playground where we finished up Jim Henson and then both girls took turn reading. The girls are so excited because they got there passports in the mail. We made sure everything is ready for their trip to France. I think the next couple weeks we are going to start studying a little French History. We have also started to learn how to speak French again. So look forward in the next couple weeks for lots of french history and speaking…. We hope :}

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