Unschooling with Magic School Bus learning about rotting tree and planets

As we get more and more involved in Unschooling we have found even more ways to learn. Today we started Unschooling with magic school bus and learned about rotting trees and the planets.

The girls got on YouTube and watched some more Magic School Bus, this time Huggs watched a video on rotting trees and why they are necessary for the eco system and Munchy watched another video on the planets.

Check out how we have been doing our reading everyday… Munchy is reading “Judy Moody” and Huggs is reading “How to give Bad Kitty a Bath” (this book is so funny we bought 2 more).

magic school bus

The girls are also working on vocabulary and spelling for the next couple weeks… just for fun and to build their confidence we started with Dolce Pre-k words and the girls blew through them in a week and got 100% on every challenge quiz . We are now working on kindergarten words – I am guessing we will be up to 3rd grade vocabulary and spelling by middle of August. Whoo – hooo

Munchy says….If you put a rotting tree and the planets together you would get to ride galaxy way around their planets till you get to Never land where the Fairies live.

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