We learned how to read a map and practiced photography

Moving day is coming up so we thought the girls would enjoy learing how to read a map.  Moving day is when we move our 41 ft, 5th wheel to its next spot, sometimes this takes two days and sometimes only a couple of hours. Right now we are at an elevation of roughly 3400 feet in Roswell and want to get a little lower to get away from the potential of snow, freezing rain and freezing of our water in the RV. We did buy a heated water hose which has helped keep the water above freezing on cold nights.

Learning how to read a map

mappingI had the girls pull out the map of New Mexico and had them find all the towns about 300 – 500 miles away from where we are located. We then googled the towns to see what elevation they were and how many miles away. We made a chart of everything we found out and then we had the girls narrow it down to 2 spots, Elephant Butte (we’ve been calling it  elephant’s butt just because it’s funny) and Silver City.  Then we googled to see what we could do in each location and looked up prices on RV sites.  Though we like the name Elephant Butte, we have decided on Silver City for the history and there seemed to be a lot more to do. After Picking the cities we did some math by having the girls calculate the distance, times the price of the fuel and add in the number of nights with the RV price.  This is becoming a lost art since the GPS. Of course, after checking all the surroundings  towns we realized that Roswell was the lowest elevation so we had no choice but to go up.  Which turned out to work out fine because the nights and days are warmer.

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Staying at State Parks

IMG_2880Staying at State Parks has many advantages and disadvantages, the best being all the walking and biking trails.  The worst is that you are sometimes a long way from town but is not always a negative.  We love walking and biking on all the trails and the girls found lots of beautiful gypsum stones and enjoyed scraping the rock around it.  Munchy also had the chance to work some more on her photography and got some great advice on what to keep woking on from a fellow photographer that we meet at the park.

These are the two pictures that Munchy liked the best. The first one because it was the only flower she saw in the whole park, and it took four tries to get the perfect picture. She liked the second picture because of the color and how the water reflects the mountains.



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