Walk Through Time in Georgetown, Kentucky

When you walk down Main Street in Georgetown, Kentucky, you can imagine what it looked liked when it was first established in 1775.  You can still see the beautiful architecture, amazing brick and stone work, and the hustle and bustle of the town. The town was called Lebanon when first settled by Rev. Elijah Craig but was renamed to honor George Washington. Its huge growth started when the Toyota plant opened up in early 1980s.

Georgetown walking tour

We found a brochure that had a walking tour of Georgetown, Kentucky.  We thought it would be fun to follow along and learn a little history of this beautiful town and this time let the girls take all the pictures.  The brochure had a fantastic history of Georgetown, Kentucky and gave lots of details on all the old buildings.  It was just very hard to follow with kids, so we pocketed the brochure and just walked around and stopped when we saw something interesting or came across a historical marker.

As we were walking down Main Street and still following the brochure, we ran into the curator of the Jail art gallery. She showed us the original key that unlocked the front door, introduced us to her dog, and showed us around the gallery and told us a little history. The art gallery was in the jailer’s family home. It happened to be connected to the actual jail. The jailer’s wife used to make dinner for her family then fed everyone staying in prison.  The main rooms of the gallery have beautiful paintings and drawings. They consist of horses,  jewelry made from the recycled items, purses made from ties and scarves, and paper flowers. It’s free to go inside the gallery and enjoy the beautiful artwork.

History and shopping all around

After buying some fun purses made from men’s ties, we walked to the crystal spring were Bourbon was born. The spring now sits next to water processing plant.  We discovered historical signs that told the history of Bourbon, the founder of Georgetown, and the original cabins where he lived.

We made our way down Main Street and found an antique store that we got very excited about because of all the old stuff there.  The girls loved it because they saw things that they had never seen before like a record player, original Singer sewing machines, old dolls, antique clothing, old tools, spinning wheel, old Barbie dolls, old keys, ancient Apple computer, and old Christmas stuff.  The antique store had three stories of magic and fun in every corner. Last we ended at the court house and city hall. We read the historic markers and learned about the architecture and more about the founding fathers.

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