Visit to the oldest park in Boise, Julia Davis Park

Julia davis parkThis park is the oldest park in Boise, Idaho and we loved it. It had history, beauty and lots of geese to chase. We actually went here in hopes of fulfilling one of our photos for our scavenger hunt. We found more than just a HUGE statue that we could take our picture next to.

The Julia Davis Park was donated by her husband, Thomas Jefferson Davis, not once but three times but the city was hesitant because they did not know if they could maintain it. Luckily they did agree to the donation and paid Mr. Davis $1 for 40 acres of his orchard land.  After his death many other land donations were followed and many more expansions.

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The Julia Davis Park now has a Zoo, which we plan on visiting later this week.  The rose garden which is taken care by the rose garden club called the “Cut Worms.” The huge 9 foot statue of Lincoln, which is the third largest in the world. This 6,500 pound statue, that was built by famed artisan and Idaho native Gutzon Berglum, the sculptor of Mount Rushmore, was right next to the oldest Black History Museum in the Northwest.  Unfortunately the doors were locked and we could not go into the museum. We visited the rose garden that has over 2,800 plants and the Boise River Greenbelt.  We have been told that you can float down the Green belt which goes through the middle of town. They have added a history museum where we found a statue of Sacagawea.

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IMG_5015Our favorite part of the park was the cabin. I had some history about a prominent family in Boise Idaho past. There were plaques that explained how the original families built homes without nails. Information on Lewis and Clark and their exploration of the west that was through parts of Idaho. It also had a fun scavenger hunt about animal and plant life that Lewis and Clark came across on their journey. This was one of the tasks assigned to them by President Jefferson.




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