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20111013-174906.jpgThe girls and I had to take a computer to a friend…Mrs. Pat who had not been feeling good. They made her very pretty get well pictures. While I set up the computer the girls chased around her cats. Mac tried and tried to catch one of her cats but they wanted nothing to do with a little girl, but they sure had fun trying.

If you have kids or grandkids get them an iPad…. We got an awesome app called discovery sharks… It’s got videos, cards tell about all different sharks, stickers you can earn, …. Check it out…. It was a little expensive but so worth it… The girls love it.

We finished the last chapter of Lincoln, thank goodness, it was long. The girls seemed to like it because they got another book at the library. These video are really funny – I let them film them on the way to guitar lessons … So belle 10th try was a success (I think).

Mac’s video is just as funny…

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