Vertebrates – Invertebrate different Homeschool Zoocademy

The girls went to their very first zoo class at Jacksonville zoo.  The Homeschool Zoocademy for students ages 5-18, covering a range of topics in Biology, Zoology, Environmental Science and Conservation. They had a ton of fun and her is a list of some of the things they learned today:

Homeschool ZoocademyThe kids started by learning the difference in vertebrates and invertebrates. They learned about water and pollution and  how it affects animals. The kids visited in the butterfly garden (which was all the girls favorite thing ), to frogs exhibits. the kids did classification of animals. They learned that mostly invertebrates live in water. They looked at snakes, studied bugs, and amphibians. Last they made a craft of a salamander.

Check out more information about the Homeschool Zoocademy at Jacksonville Zoo  here


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