Valentine hair

I have never been so proud of my daughters than today. Let me set the stage…..
I agreed to let the girls color their hair for Valentines day but they had to pay for it with their own money. The girls earn money by doing school work and chores. So Mac was about $6 short and Belle was only $2 short. So I suggest that they read a book from the library.   Then Mac say ” Hey mom if I do a movie with that would be 2 extra stars and hey can I type the facts on my iPad, would that be a total of 10 stars, extra because I am typing out 10 facts on the ipad?”

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So she read her book on mushrooms, typed 10 facts on her iPad and then did a video in the car while we waited for Mrs. Jenny. Belle read her book and did the video. I think they really wanted their hair colored…. and I was so impressed I gave them the rest of the money…

Here are lots of pictures of Mrs. Jenny foiling their hair ( taking the color out), adding color back in, and then they got a trim. While they were getting all of this done we talked about why the color had to be taken out and then added back in, the girls asked tones of questions and Mrs. Jenny was so sweet and answered and explained every question till they understood and even sometime explained it several different ways. Chemistry in a hair salon – who would have thought….

She is the BEST hair stylist in Savannah and if you need a hair cut, color, eyebrow wax give Belle’s hair salon on TV circle a call and ask for my favorite hair stylist, Jenny!!

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After the girls got home we worked on our Valentine cards for our party that is after art class and before our skating Party – We have 110 people signed so far.

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2 thoughts on “Valentine hair

  1. Loved hearing the book reviews — and from girls who used to think they didn’t like to read! Also very impressed by their desire to learn and ask questions when getting their hair colored. I’d say that’s the best time to learn some chemistry!!

    • Thanks so much for all the ideas Uncle Tom. The girls really are enjoying learning and we really are having a lot of fun doing it.

      PS I am still stressing a little about the girls reading – but as MAC keep telling me just chill mom it’s all good. They both are reading more that I am not pushing so much. It’s so hard to trust!!!