Update: How to Set Up an Aquaponics Kit and Rock Candy

Aquaponic KitWe wanted to let you know how great our Aquaponics Kit and our fish, Mr. Bubbles, is doing.  One month has passed since we set up our kit, and the plants have gotten so big that we had to put them in ponytails so they wouldn’t go everywhere. Mr. Bubbles is waiting to be fed every morning and every evening and seems to really like his new home.  We have added the Tidy Tank water to the bowl several times.  In a few weeks we are going to try and grow some vegetables and maybe even get a second tank. If you are interested in doing your own, see Aquaponic Ecosystem.

Rock candy scienceRock Candy is very easy to make and even easier to do as a science activity.  We actually used three different sugars to see which grew the sugar crystals best.  We let the rock candy try to form for a month (because we forgot about them) and decided the white sugar worked the best.  Unfortunately, the rock candy started to grow mold so we thought it best not to eat any of it. No one wanted to chance getting sick.

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