Unschooling Science at Crater Lake and a Snow Ball Fight

Lots of homeschoolers do school all year and we happened to be one of them.  It just seems right for our family and we are always learning.  This week was a lot of fun because we had some friends from Savannah (our hometown) visit us.  They are traveling for the summer and luckily I noticed they were headed our way – so I invited them to came to visit.

IMG_4671Crater Lake was amazing not only for all the snow, yes I said SNOW, that was around the park but for the amazing blue water.  I think we were all shocked to see so much snow in the middle of summer still on the ground.  Of course the biggest question is why? These are some of the questions the girls thought about after our visit. What we did notice is that the snow started a certain elevation (something you have to see a books just can’t teach this stuff). The kids really enjoyed all the snow fights we had as we stopped at the visitors center, gift shop and a varies overlooks along the lake.  We were going to take a fun hike around the lake but we got stopped while they cleared huge rocks off the road and the side of the mountain, which meant we had 30 minutes to play in the snow !

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IMG_4699It was so great to see familiar faces and learn about their unusual pet that is traveling with them, Chocolate.  He is a bearded dragon and is calm, laid back and very easy to take care of.  He eats vegetables and crickets but he is cold-blooded so he need to keep warm.  We were told that he needs sun light or a heat lamp every day which gets his body warm enough to eat, and he needs to stay warm at night which can be a challenge when you are camping.

This week Munchy decided to write about traveling – Huggs wrote down some questions we thought of after we visited Crater Lake…. Check them out here


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