Unschooling random things butterflies and dolphins

Unschooling random things butterflies and dolphins can always be fun. Since we started Unschooling, the girls like days where we learn about random things.  Today was no exception.  Mac random things she learned about were Monarch butterflies and mummies in Egypt. While Belle random things she learned about were the ocean and dolphins.

Monarchs butterflies

Monarchs butterflies s are large, beautifully colored butterflies that can be recognized by their striking orange, black, and white markings. 
A monarch’s brilliant coloring tells predators: “Don’t eat me. I’m poisonous.”  The most amazing thing about monarch butterflies is the enormous migration that North American monarchs undertake each year.

random things

Mummy from Egypy

A mummy is a person or animal’s body that has been preserved after death using a technique called mummification. Ancient Egyptians perfected the art of mummification over centuries. They developed a method for drying and wrapping a body in linen strips that made it last for thousands of years.

Ocean Facts

Our oceans cover more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface. The majority of life on Earth is aquatic. Less than five per cent of the planet’s oceans have been explored. The world’s longest mountain chain is underwater. 


The largest dolphin species is the orca or killer whale. Male orcas grow to about 25 feet in length and weigh about 19,000 pounds. Lifespan: Most dolphins live long lives. The bottlenose dolphin can live over 40 years.

Monarch Butterflies




Most of the facts I have above are copies from the internet. I am lazy, but the girls did come up with their own fact by reading the books. Some facts they found by watching a movie. We borrowed all these from the library.

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