We Encourage Unschooler Road Trips for Learning Outside of School

Unschooling Paradise is encouraging Unschooler road trips as a way to learn outside of the traditional school environment. The unschooling philosophy is based around helping children become more independent. Children become curious about the world that surrounds them by providing educational opportunities at all times. An Unschooler road trip offers a wide variety of opportunities for kids to learn while having fun with their families. Some suggestions including visiting science centers, art galleries, and zoos. Children can also learn on the road with an iPad. The iPad is ideal for researching new study topics and taking online tutorials. They help teach crafts and for playing educational games and watching documentaries. This makes learning accessible and fun while still allowing children to play and choose their own topics of interest.

How Unschool Parents Help

Unschooling Paradise helps parents to assist their children with learning course material in interesting and exciting ways. We guide them teaching them to bake, take trips and turning every family outing into a learning experience. The unschooled method also involves learning practical skills that will assist young adults with achieving independence after they graduate school. Many parents began the homeschooling lifestyle due to their own dissatisfaction in public or private school education. Some have found after completing high school they do not know basic life skills.
As a result, school systems never taught things like budgeting, doing their taxes or cooking their own food. The traditional education system does not tell students how to take care of themselves outside of their academic studies. Unschooling Paradise has a holistic approach to homeschooling. Most importantly, children learn skills on a variety of levels including academic and practical.

Computers and Ipads help

Children that are part of the unschooling program learn topics that interest them. Therefore, they become independent and mature more quickly than their peers. The iPad makes a great learning tool for any Unschooler road trip, in addition to visiting landmarks, galleries, and museums. Unschooling Paradise encourages parents that are interested in homeschooling to read tips.