Unschooling Paradise Announces New Take on School at Home

Unschooling Paradise has just announced their new take on school at home programs.  The company has just launched and has an innovative outlook on educating children through a school at home educational system.  Unschooling Paradise’s philosophy is based around the principal of self-directed learning.  This involves allowing children to choose their own subject topics and study what interests them most.

Many parents choose to educate their children at home so they have control over what their kids are learning.  Unschooling Paradise takes this concept to the next level by providing kids with the opportunity to choose their own subject material.  This gives kids independence and allows them to study topics in-depth.  In retrospect many adults find that they know a bit of information about a variety of topics but were never provided with the opportunity to specialize in the one topic that interested them most.  Instead it was mandatory to learn topics in school that the individual knew was not for them years ago.

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Unschooling Paradise helps kids to absorb material in interesting and exciting ways such as origami crafts to learn math, a trip to France to study French history, language and culture and science experiments such as using beet juice as an invisible ink.

Unschooling also involves learning practical skills that will assist young adults with achieving independence after they graduate school.  Too many graduates find that they do not know basic life skills such as budgeting, doing their taxes or cooking their own food.  The traditional education system does not tell students how to take care of themselves outside of their academic studies and even with the best job available, not knowing how to manage finances could result in not being a successful adult.

Children that are part of a school at home program learn topics that interest them, become independent and mature more quickly than their peers due to being given responsibility at an early age.  Unschooling Paradise can be contacted directly about their programs.


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