Unschoolers stuck inside can become creative this summer

We were stuck inside for three days not because the rain but because of the snow.  Yes it snowed last weekend for the second time this summer.  As an unschooler you become very creative and crafty when your stuck inside for three days.

IMG_4611What did my little unschoolers do for three days while it snowed… They played with legos, did a little science, and made some dresses.  Huggs got a manikin for her birthday and made some dresses for a Barbie and for her bunny.  We didn’t get to sew them but we had lots of fun making them.  Then Huggs finished her donut and ice-cream bracelets for her favorite cousin and aunt.  She has started on a new one for her Granny but now pictures yet – it’s a secret (shhh!). Jack had his first Starbucks, don’t worry it wasn’t coffee but wiping cream! He loved it so much he tried to eat the whipping cream off hubby’s and my coffee.

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IMG_4567Huggs decided it was a week of science and this time got out the beauty science kitShe made, with some help from her sister, lip gloss, perfume and sparkly body powder.  They had no idea that science is used to make beauty products, so this got us thinking and girls asked lots of questions about beauty product in general.  She also made her first popcorn over a flame. We used the gas stove because it was easier but I have been told (by Munchy) that is was not that much fun, way too much work and that why we have a microwave.

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IMG_4586When the weather got better Munchy worked more on perfecting her bow and arrow techniques. She is now hitting the center every fifth time ( I am impressed).  Huggs uses a glove and can now pull back the string and hit the target. Munchy is also learning how to start a fire without accelerate (lighter fluid) and has been trying different ways to get it started like, magnify glass, friction fire, magnesium, lighter and fire steel. This week we have gotten Spots and Sammy (the ground squirrels) to get even closer to us.  The girls also got some great picks of the ground squirrels, butterflies, bird and a mole.

The girls are also having lots of fun writing their creative writing stories – check them out…. MACbelle’s Adventures



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