Unschool science at the Boise Zoo

IMG_5146Have you ever been to a zoo where you felt sorry for the animals?  We have been to a lot of zoos all over the US and have seen a lot of enclosures that we thought were way to small for the animals but this zoo really win the prize. The Boise zoo was very small by our standard and an older zoo.  Don’t get me wrong we really like the zoo and the large variety of animals but we all thought that in need some major updates.  They actually were building a bigger in-closer for one of the animals.   We thought the atmosphere of the zoo was lacking and some of the in-closers were really too small to allow the animals to run and play.

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On a good note we did get in for only $2 (for the whole family).  The zoo is in the Julia Davis Park that was donated by her husband in the early 1900 and was a huge orchard farm that happen to be in the middle of what is now Boise, Idaho.  If you plan on  doing any travel, the reciprocal zoo program is a must because it allow you to get in most zoos half off and in some cases free.

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IMG_5136Our favorite parts of the zoo were the butterfly garden, I love butterflies (but it really didn’t compare to the butterfly exhibit in Houston, Texas.  Huggs loved the penguins, who were singing and we enjoyed watching them swim around and do tricks. Hubby thought the animatronics dinosaurs were very cool.  Munchy loved watching the sugar gliders because they reminded her of the two we owned, Um from Uxbridge and Trigger.

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