Unschool playdate at the Savannah Children Museum

We started at the Savannah Children Museum that is located near the Georgia State Railroad Museum.  All 5 girls played in the maze, sat and read a book or two, played dress up ( with animal tails and noses), got sprayed by a mister to cool off, ran around, swung on the tire swing all at once, went on the slide, looked at some trains, rolled down a huge hill, and just had fun being a kid.  Savannah Children MuseumThe moms sat by the big fan and talked. Next we made it to Mellow Mushroom and had pizza and ice cream, we decided to celebrate all of our August and September birthdays at the table (which was half) and the rest who had un-birthdays. We finished the day at Madison square where we let the kids run around and play tag.

The girls had a really fun day, we met up with some new and old homeschool friends.  We had a total of 3 moms and 5 little girls ages 8-9.


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