Hot Spring swimming pools in Thermopolis, Wyoming

Through the dragon’s mouth, into a long narrow windy road we found a breathtaking ride to the Hot Spring State park in the small town of Thermopolis, Wyoming.  Hot spring swimming pools in ThermopolisIt is a breathtaking ride though the canyon and a great place to stop and go hiking if you so choose.  Our adventure lay ahead at the Hot Springs State Park with a jump into warm healing waters.

The Hot Spring State Park offers a FREE Hobo hot spring pool and two pools with water slides.  We started our adventure by hiking around the state park and checking out the enormous mineral waterfalls, examining the mineral build up and the lake that surround the swimming pools.  We studied the historical signs and learned how the hot spring were formed and why the mineral has built up over the years, indian history around the area and why so many feel these are healing pools and come from all over the world to bathe in them.  We hiked across the walking bridge to the other side of the warm lake to get a better look at the water falls and mineral buildup. You can picnic here with your family and they have a small playground for the kids.

Unschool Hint of the Week:
If you are Unschooling or just vacationing always stop and read the signs. Learning is everywhere and you never know what might interest your kids and they might actually learn something.  Sometimes I feel mine are not paying attention and later they surprise me and start a discussion on something they learned weeks ago.

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Hot spring swimming pools in ThermopolisFor centuries Native Americans have flocked to these healing pools and would sit shoulder to shoulder from neighboring tribes.  Even the settlers on the Oregon Trail stopped along way to soak their feet and relax before heading along on their journey.  Hot spring swimming pools in ThermopolisThe indians gave the pools to all people with one stipulation, that their be one pool that is free to everyone, the Hobo Pool, where you are allowed to bathe (swimsuit not optional) for 20 minutes for Free.

popcornWe gave the Hot Spring Polls four and half popcorns out of five  because of the smell and price, other wise it was a lot of fun and very relaxing. It cost $50 for four people to swim all day or $12.50 a person. Star Plunge pool has one more slide than Hellie’s Tepee Pools which has more hot tubs.  They are both great for kids but we noticed more kids at Star Plunge and Hellie’s Tepee Pool had a larger area out of the sun. They both had lifeguards and more fun than any kids could imagine. Also Hot Springs State Park has camping and hotels close to the pools click here for more info


We had a blast swimming in the mineral pools, sitting in the hot tubs (smaller pools) and sliding down the slides inside and outside.  These pools are open all year round and I bet are amazing in the winter, with the snow outside and the warm mineral water inside.  Some of the pools got up to 150 degrees, while others were as cool as 120 degrees.  The only bad thing about the pools was the smell, it was awful at first but after several hours in the pool I don’t think anyone noticed the awful smell.

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