The Best Fries with a Burger on the side at the Boise Fry Company

Boise Fry CompanyWe learned about the Boise Fry Company on the Food Network when we lived in a stick house and said that if we ever started traveling that we were going to stop. Today we got that opportunity to stop and it was amazing.  Not only were the fries amazing but I was impressed at how good the burgers tasted.

The BFC or Boise Fry Company specializes in french fries and they do no let you down.  They don’t just have one kind of boring potato but eight IMG_4931different kind of potatoes to choose from which included Bourgeois, Gold, Purple, Laura, Okinawa, Russet, Yam, Sweet along with eight kinds of dipping sauce and 11 different kinds of flavored salts.  You can order these delicious fries – shoestring, regular, homestyle, curly, or try our famous po-balls. The offer three different kind of topping for your burger including the Heat which went up to a four (hubby loved it). Lets just say it was super hard to decide but our waiter was very kind and helpful and we got a little of everything.

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IMG_4946All four of us gave the burger a 9 and the potatoes a 10 and actually thought the blueberry dipping sauce was the most interesting.  I was very proud of the girls because they tried every sauce and we all like different ones.  Hubby had the bison burger and thought it was excellent and actually said his favorite was the blueberry dipping sauce. The funny thing is a lot of Boise natives had never heard of the BFC but we talked most of them into going and we suggest everyone who passes through to try it out…. You will not be disappointed!! Even Jack got to try some of the fries and thought they were the best in the world…yea I know he is a dog but I swear he told me  🙂

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