The Benefits of Unschooling: Self-Directed Learning with Unschooling Paradise

For children, everything about the world is fresh in new.  There is so much to learn, discover and do that there never seems to be enough time to show and talk to your kids about all of the interesting topics that are available to them.  It’s no surprise that children can be bored in the classroom.  We have to remember that as children, we were good at one or two subjects and the rest either didn’t make sense, was boring, or even too easy.  Can you imagine a schooling system where kids make their own decisions about what to learn?  This is called unschooling.

Unschooling is self-directed learning.  This means that when a child is interested in a topic, whether it’s cooking, science or global issues, the parent can find material for their kid’s interests and allow them to explore the academic topics that interest them most.

The Benefits of Home Schooling with Unschooling Paradise

  1. Children Focus on what they Love

In a traditional schooling setting kids get a little taste of every subject.  This is beneficial because it helps children to decide what they like and what does not interest them.  However, in many schooling systems it is mandatory to take topics years after a child has decided that the subject matter is not for them.

In a home school setting children can focus on what they love and the advantage of this is getting very good at their chosen subject matter.  Many individuals find in adulthood that they have a lot of “shallow” knowledge.  They know a little bit about a variety of topics but they are not specialists on any of their interests.  When children self-direct their own learning they can study areas of interest in depth and may one day become a leading expert in their chosen field.

  1. Practical Knowledge

How many graduates finish years of school and don’t know how to manage their finances or cook their own meals?  A self-directed learning approach allows children to learn life skills so that they have academic knowledge but also place an emphasis on learning skills that will make them independent in adulthood.  Self-sufficiency is a skill-deficit in North America and many children graduate college or university with no life skills.  This could translate into having a great job but not knowing how to manage their finances or take care of their children.

Self-directed learning equips kids with the practical knowledge that is necessary to be successful in a career but also in their day-to-day personal lives, which is a skill that is not typically learned in the traditional educational system.

  1. Gain Independence

When children are offered some control over their education they become inquisitive and hungry for knowledge.  They want to explore topics, start discussions with their parents and be proud of their decisions.  Children want to be like their parents and when they are given this level of responsibility they will mature faster and be well rounded overall in both their academic and personal lives.

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