Thanksgiving school Roseway boat

Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner where everyone get on each other nerves we decided to go on a 137 foot wooden fishing yacht that was built 1925 called Roseway, a boat used to teach kids about sailing .  It was a lot of fun for all of us and the kids really enjoyed riding on the boat. They got to help pull the line to raise the sails, learned how to tie knots, watch a 150′ wide carrier ship pass by and see it up close, talk to all the crew, meet people from all over the US and enjoy a nice day of sailing.

After sailing we went inside to look at all the gingerbread house at the Weston, they make these every year for Thanksgiving. I actually found out that anyone can enter the contest but traditionally it is the Scad students who win. We had lots of favorites but the girls just mostly wanted to help eat all the houses to make sure they tasted good

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