Take step back in time and learn history of Dubois

Step back in time with us as you learn the history of Dubois and how the cowboys ruled the land and men made a living clear cutting forests. We stumbled onto this museum after taking a fun family hike around the back of the KOA, where we are staying for the summer.

history of DuboisThe history of Dubois (duh-boy-s) actually started outside the museum, with several small log cabins that represented some of the towns homes or business back in the early 1800s. Each building held collections, artifacts of this small town. The log cabins showed , a homestead cabin, different business, cowboy life, saddle repair shop, school-house, grocery store, gas station, and even information on the timber industry that played a huge part in the town’s history. The girls loved seeing all the old iron, and cold storage (old refrigerator) from the early 1900s and a wash basin.

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history of DuboisInside the Dubois Museum, which was free, we found information on the Shoshone Indians, locations of pictographs, animals and plants that can be found in the area. More information on the Big horn sheep, . We learned about flint knapping and weapons used to kill food during the late 1800s. The museum also had some information on the Union Pass, railroad and farming done in the area.

During the summer the museum has speakers on different topics like: Flintknapping, Petroglyphs found in the area, Union Pass Tie Hatching, and even how to use bear spray. They offer Adventure Treks and Children Exploration series that the museum does free for tourist and the local families. This is definitely worth a stop and is only 80 miles from Yellow Stone. Like they say in Dubois, “It’s 80 miles to anywhere”.

popcornWe gave this museum five out of five popcorns because there was a lot of history in one tiny museum.  The other reason we liked it was because it was free to the public and showed the history of this small town, population 975.


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