21 questions about animals

They learned how to play 21 questions about animals at their zoo class and have been playing it all day. One person thinks of an animal, then the other people have to ask 21 questions to try to guess what animal they are thinking of. They start by general questions, like does it have fur, lay eggs, live on land, have gills, is it a mammal, reptile, ….. you get the idea…. we played this Continue reading

Jacksonville zoo class four different animal classes

The girls had their second zoo class at Jacksonville Zoo. This time they learned why animals are organized into different classes. In the girls second zoo class  learned the difference in the four different animal classes (mammal, bird, reptile, fish). They discussed what make animals different like color, body coverage, eye shape, diet, method of locomotion. What makes a fish a fish, or a reptile a reptile, or a bird a bird, or a mammal a Continue reading

Vertebrates – Invertebrate different Homeschool Zoocademy

The girls went to their very first zoo class at Jacksonville zoo.  The Homeschool Zoocademy for students ages 5-18, covering a range of topics in Biology, Zoology, Environmental Science and Conservation. They had a ton of fun and her is a list of some of the things they learned today: The kids started by learning the difference in vertebrates and invertebrates. They learned about water and pollution and  how it affects animals. The kids visited in the butterfly garden (which was all the girls Continue reading