Name the biscuit that Australian soldiers ate during WWI

anzac biscuits

We have started our Co-op series of “FOOD AROUND THE WORLD“.  The girls and I thought we would start off by showing everyone how to make a yummy treat, Anzac biscuits.  We have never tasted these before today but the girls say they are really good. They also worked on their facts for tomorrow, which all the girls are going to do a travel video about Australia.  We are also going to do a craft Continue reading

Versailles one room took 26 years to make, facts about France

Today we are learning some more facts about France.  We are getting ready for a trip to France see our cousins who live in Brittany. The girls thought it would be fun to learn some facts about places they might visit.  Today we are only learning about two famous buildings, Versailles and Notre Dame. Huggs picked to learn a few facts about Notre Dame and do a video. While Munchy wanted to do two videos Continue reading

Japan Day

Japan Day…. We decided that today should be all about Japan… We did origami, and made  and we got a poster board and drew japan on and colored the regions.  We talked about some key history points mostly about WWII and Pearl Harbor.  We looked up on our ipads about schools in Japan and what children learn in that country.  We wore our dresses we got form China all day and pretended they were Kimonos and put chop Continue reading