Put on your goggle and flying cap and see how we Unschool history and science

The hardest part for parents to grasp when they are first start Unschooling is how do I teach all the subjects? How do I Unschool history and science without a degree? First let me start by saying that with a child lead learning environment or Unschooling this part is actually easy.  Let your kids lead the way and you are there to just push or guide your children to learn a little about everything.  I Continue reading

World War II

Molly McIntire is a fictional character that lived during World War II, and happens to be McKenzey McIntyre’s American girl doll. We got a book on Molly McIntire and the WW2, we read the first couple of pages. We learned about Molly and her family. We learned about why her father was not at home but was fighting in the war. We learned how women helped the war effort and how everyone had to sacrifice Continue reading