Bloomsday at Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington


It’s tough sometimes to find things that you can do with the whole family that doesn’t require your life saving. I have learned to be very frugal when visiting a new city, I like to google certain phrases to see what we can do as a family.  The best phrases are “things to do with kids in city, state” or “free things kids city, state” and most the time I get loads of resources.  Sometimes Continue reading

first house worship Savannah

We added another history lesson, by visiting first house  worship  Savannah  and added it to our scrapbooks. This time we took Michael downtown with us and after we went and looked at several historic signs in Johnson square we went to river street and got some fudge. The Christ Church was the first house of worship in Savannah in 1733. George Washington was one of the distinguished guest that attended a service at this church. Next Continue reading