7th Ranch is a little slice of heaven in the middle of Little Big Horn Battle Field

7th Ranch

The 7th Ranch RV Park and Little Big Horn The 7th Ranch RV park is a little slice of heaven and right next to Little Big Horn. This RV park and working Ranch was the most relaxing and scenic place we have visited.  It is apparent that the owners care for the park and the animals on the ranch.  We were at their soft opening which was fine with us because we had the whole Continue reading

How to play Uno Math war games & make Halloween stories

Follow our Unschool day as e play Uno Math war games today with a deck of Uno cards. The girls practiced addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division. What you need to play Uno Math War games deck of Uno cards pen, pencil, or crayons scissors paper cut into little squares make all the symbols (+ – = X ) – we made several of each How to play First, divide the cards in half and gave Continue reading

Japan Day

Japan Day…. We decided that today should be all about Japan… We did origami, and made  and we got a poster board and drew japan on and colored the regions.  We talked about some key history points mostly about WWII and Pearl Harbor.  We looked up on our ipads about schools in Japan and what children learn in that country.  We wore our dresses we got form China all day and pretended they were Kimonos and put chop Continue reading