Watch new Youtube video You might be an Unschooler if

homeschool art class

Today we worked on our opening YouTube video, You might be a Unschooler if, for our Unschooling Paradise page. We started off by writing all the things we love about unschooling or homeschooling. Then we went over ideas on what kind of video we wanted to make. The girls came up with thousands of sayings that we could use in our video. We narrowed it down to our favorites and wrote them down on a Continue reading

Jim Henson Part 2

We read some more of Jim Henson and learned a little more about the man and my favorite tv show, Muppets, when I was a child.  It’s amazing what he accomplished over the course of his lifetime. As I was reading the book this time I realized I was taking their innocence away, mostly from Huggs, by explaining how the muppets work.  Huggs still believes that the Disney princess’, Mickey Mouse, Santa Clause and the Continue reading

Dance like no one is watching

Dance like no one is watching. Since it was such a nice day we went swimming only 5 times. One of the times was in the rain and one we made a music video. Archery and dance In between our swimming we took our arrows to the playground to practice. The girls came up with an idea to use the shuffleboard to keep score. They each had there owned scoreboard and got really creative on Continue reading

Biz kids

The girls watched a video by the biz kids that we got at the library. This one was the second video in the serious and talked about transactions. The biz kids are really humorous in the way they explain everything and the girls really enjoy it. The girls cut up all the fruit we bought at the grocery store. They did most of the cutting which was very scary for me. We got strawberries, kiwi, Continue reading

J.K. Rowling

J.K.Rowling is one of my favorite authors who wrote one of my all time favorite books, Harry Potter. I am not an avid reader but I loved the whole Harry Potter series. The girls and I are currently reading a biography of J. K. Rowling. We have done a video on the first part of the book and will continue to read and discuss the book as we finish the biography. Seahorses… We also read Continue reading

Little Einsteins

This is really funny…. The girls did a video of the little Einsteins – and even has a good message at the end for the little kids. We read the 3rd chapter of Marie Curie…. Are they learning anything – I hope so – it depends if I can get them to sit down for the 10 minutes when I read and actually pay attention – ok do they really do that in regular school?? Continue reading