Dishwasher salmon

Dishwasher salmon… If you love salmon or any fish you will love this recipe, you can actually steam anything in the dishwasher. The recipe says you can actually wash your dishes on the bottom rack and cook on the top, make sure you use lemon soap. I dare you to try it. Here is the simple recipe online This is my recipe…. What you need Salmon Lemon juice Lemon pepper Aluminum foil Dishwasher What you need to do… Get 4 pieces aluminum foil lay in x pattern, opposite directions Lay fish in top Season fish with lemon juice and lemon Continue reading

Debt Monster

We read the coolest book, The Debt Monster by Mary Becker. We bought this awesome book at the book fair a couple weeks ago. The girls really got into the story and loved it. After we read the story I asked the questions at the end of the book just to see if they understood, I think they got it…… You be the judge. Fun dancing…. What is the difference between a debt card and a credit card? What is the difference between want and need? Describe a plan for shopping… What can you do not to pay extra for Continue reading