What is a typical day of unschooling like?

typical unschool day

Today was not like any other day because everyday is different when you follow an unschooler or unschooled kid.  We might do some of the same things but maybe do them in a different order, play different games or even just go to a different place to do it.  For instant today we did math like we do every day, but today they did algebra, actually two algebra games: Hands-On Equations 1 – The Fun Continue reading

A typical Unschool Day: Biking, playing -and making Rock candy

A typical day Unschool Day is never the same. We never do the same thing or learn the same thing and this one was no exception. Today we went Bike riding, played at the playground for hours and finished making Rock candy. Here our first try. Typical Unschool Day I never have a plan on what the kids what to do and learn, because we always just wing it. When the girls wake up, we Continue reading