I love science field trip Friday

I love science field trip Friday, it’s The third Friday of the month. In the morning we go to science class with the savannah homeschool group (SUHN), lunch, playground, art class, trip to HH, see daddy, mini golf, and finish with dance party at Island Playground. 4H science class was all about turtles. The teacher told us about the parts of the turtle, the different categories of turtles, all the kids got to touch turtles, Continue reading

Pickney Island National Wildlife

We went to pickney Island and oh did we get lost – OK really we just went down the wrong road and got to the end and decided we should turn around – took us an extra hour to get home but Isabelle thought we were lost and never going to get home … We saw a fiddler crabs and chased them all over the dried up pond- we saw lots of birds and a baby alligator.  Then we Continue reading