Sports Rock Spring Fling- gymnastics

The girls had there first gymnastic competition (sort of…). They basically learned a routine, practiced for  2 weeks and then did it for a judge.  Anyway very laid back all the kids that take from Mrs. Jamie competed and then the cheerleaders showed us there routines.  Everyone got ribbons, metal and goody bag. So here are some videos and pictures of all the stuff they did…. Bars…Floor….Vault… then Balance Beam.. Mac started off crying not wanting to Continue reading

homeschool worksheets

The girls took it easy most of the morning. We did try to go walk around the lagoon by the library to play with the bubble wand that we got, but it was way to cold. We came back and did some homeschool worksheets  with LOTS of complaining. I have decided that we are done with homeschool worksheets for a long time, they did them too much in normal school. Unschooling is all about learning with Continue reading