Halloween in Florida not near as much fun as home but…..

We really missed having Halloween at home with all of the girls friends and getting a huge bundle of candy.  I think we had just as much fun going to DOWNTOWN DISNEY for Halloween.  I did a little research and in years past they gave out candy to all the dressed up little kids but that was not the case this year.  There have been some problems in the past with the parents so last Continue reading

Candy overload…

My cowgirl and little pirate got so much candy this time, I couldn’t believe it. We went with a friend trick or treating, and by the end we had 2 bags a piece, yea I said it four total bags of candy. Of course the smart mom that I am I dumped all the candy into a bowl and put it on top of the refrigerator then told the girls they could earn there candy Continue reading

Pirate – Cowgirl

Today the girls tried on their Halloween costumes and you guessed it Mac is going to be a cowboy and Belle is going to be a Pirate. Of course this lead to playing pirates and cowgirls all day. I made them a pirate map and they went on several treasure hunts. I actually wrote out the directions and poor Mac had to read them to get the treasure. She must have enjoyed it because they Continue reading