What to make with Duck Tape – purse

What to make with Duck Tape? What to make with Duct Tape, that is the big question today. The first thing the girls wanted to do is find something they could decorate, so why not start at the Good Will. The girls found a bunch of purses, wallets, a vest, and I found some boots. I bought a bunch of the fun duck tape at AC Moore on sale a couple of days ago. We Continue reading

How Unschoolers learn about science ecology

How do Unschoolers learn about science ecology at the beach? Why the majority of “normal” kids went to boring school we went to the BEACH and took a class with the local 4H. First they broke us the kids up into small groups and they learned a little about the beach before we actually went there. We actually had a little classroom time but the instructor got all the kids involved, while they learned little also. So here is what Continue reading

Jim Henson Part 2

We read some more of Jim Henson and learned a little more about the man and my favorite tv show, Muppets, when I was a child.  It’s amazing what he accomplished over the course of his lifetime. As I was reading the book this time I realized I was taking their innocence away, mostly from Huggs, by explaining how the muppets work.  Huggs still believes that the Disney princess’, Mickey Mouse, Santa Clause and the Continue reading