Airport tour – Fire Truck

Our airport tour started with all the kids trying out each and every chair in the comfort area of the airport while we waited for our tour guide. The tour of the airport tour was a little disappointing because we did not get to see any behind the scene areas of the airport. We did however see the art gallery, which I have never had time or the desire to take a look at and Continue reading

Solve case 3

It’s time for case 3 agents and yes Dr. Huckbuckle has stolen…. oops I almost told you. Agents think cold think very cold, I am so cold my brain hurts. Agent I need you to watch the videos to get the clues to figure out what she has stolen, hurry agents! She might freeze me it you don’t watch these videos fast. The Answer to last week, case 2, was: The Wright brothers Airplane at Continue reading

Unschooling with Wright Brother’s jeopardy and making Lamp work beads

Everyday Unschooling is different and filled with adventures.  I don’t make educational plans but sometimes the girls come up with great ideas.  We started our Unschool day with Belle announcing we were making lampwork beads. Then the girls wanted to learn about flying and the Wright Brothers. My first thought, what the heck our lampwork beads and how our we going to make learning about Wright Brothers fun. Polymer Clay Lapwork look-alike glass beads The Continue reading

Thanksgiving school Roseway boat

Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner where everyone get on each other nerves we decided to go on a 137 foot wooden fishing yacht that was built 1925 called Roseway, a boat used to teach kids about sailing .  It was a lot of fun for all of us and the kids really enjoyed riding on the boat. They got to help pull the line to raise the sails, learned how to tie knots, watch Continue reading

Queens Crown

A priceless crown was stolen from the Las Vegas Gallery of Fine Jewels.  The two best detectives are on the case to find out who stole the crown and how they did it. There are four suspects, and we had to read each one of their statements. We had to compare the suspects photos to see who could use a  metal tool to pry opening the handcuff chains. There were some finger prints on a Continue reading

Paris France Day 3 – Eiffel Tower

Day 3 – on our way to Paris France On Friday the 2nd, we took the train to Paris, France and got there at 11:11. Since the hotel was right next to the train station, we stopped in and left our bags and went on to the Eiffel tower. We got a good bit of rain. Just as we got up to the ticket desk, they put up a sign saying that the top was Continue reading