Horseback riding in Wyoming through the Painted Hills

Nothing gives me peace and tranquilly, than Horseback Riding in Wyoming.  We got to have our first trail ride since we started traveling fulltime. I think the thing I love the most about living this life style is all the neat and exciting things we have gotten to experience and never had time to before. Chimney Rock not only does trail rides but also does camping trips.  Can anyone guess what an outfitter is?  We just Continue reading

Oatland Island

For our field trip this week we decided to go to Oatland Island. It turned out to be toddler Tuesday so the lady at the front desk suggested that it would be more fun for us to walk the trails on our own than to go on the tour with the toddler group. We ended up walking half the park. As we walked I would stop and read the signs that told about each of Continue reading