Edible Science: Juice Taste Test

Edible Science is science you can eat, we hope.  Ok, maybe most things you can eat or drink in this case. We came up with a hypothesis: Can your nose smell as good as your tongue? Last week Edible Science experiment we learned about our taste buds. We thought this week we would learn about our nose.  We had a little fun trying to trick the kids with the Juice Taste Test. Juice Taste Test Continue reading

Edible Science Experiments: How smart is your tongue?

Edible Science is a new series that we started this year and will (try) to do once a week.  The girls missed doing science so we thought we would try to do more this year on the road.  Edible science makes science fun, yummy and entertaining. I have included the books we are getting our experiments from at the bottom, so follow along.  I also wanted to note that I try my best to follow Continue reading

Frogs Eat Lunch

Belle asked the question do Frogs eat lunch and dinner like us….. So we looked it up on a fancy iPad and here is what we found out.. Postcard Tuesday… We wrote postcards to two people each and this time the girls drew pictures of baby animals.  I still have to find envelopes and stamps but hopefully they will be mailed soon.  We are trying to get to everyone, so bare with us…  This helps with Continue reading