Monopoly – learning tool

We have played Disney monopoly for the past 3 days and did not watch tv, play on the computer, or listen to music, we just sat and played and laughed and competed heavily. I put $500 in the center for free parking, and every time you payed taxes it went in the pot, so when Belle won the first time she thought it was a million dollars. The girls took turns buying properties and making monopolies Continue reading

Flying Frogs

Yep I broke down and let the girls go to flying frog’s…. It wasn’t so bad, since we went while everyone was at school. I did not miss all the screaming little kids and the girls had a blast. They played lots of games and got 300 tokens between the two of them, and they met a girl from florida and ran through tunnels with her for hours. Then we went to Munchies and got Continue reading