Gloups first Thanksgiving meal in America

Gloups had his first Thanksgiving meal in America with friends and family.  We actually went to my cousin’s house, who did an amazing job preparing and cooking all the food.   Gloups got to help make the mashed potatoes and carve the huge turkey.  While we waited for the food to finish cooking Gloups hung out with everyone on the couch and watched American Football. Gloups was still confused why it’s called football because they Continue reading

Thanksgiving school Roseway boat

Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner where everyone get on each other nerves we decided to go on a 137 foot wooden fishing yacht that was built 1925 called Roseway, a boat used to teach kids about sailing .  It was a lot of fun for all of us and the kids really enjoyed riding on the boat. They got to help pull the line to raise the sails, learned how to tie knots, watch Continue reading