Unschoolers learn multiplication and telling time

This is how Unschoolers learn multiplication and telling time. We don’t use worksheets or take tests. The best way to learn is by making learning fun. We now have two eggs in our little basket. Today the girls put a bird feeder full of birdseed. They wanted it right by the basket so the mommy bird would not have to far to go to find food. As Unschoolers learn we learned multiplication by taking a walk or Continue reading

learn anything being unschooled

Is it possible to learn anything while you are being” unschooled”? Let’s see, Munchy can tell you the name of each state by just looking at its shape, and most of the capitals. She can multiply numbers which she taught her self by doing computer games, has her own pocket watch and tells me the time every ten minutes and can count money like nobody’s business – She loves learning about sea animals with Magic School Bus Continue reading