How to play Pool Scrabble

Summer Un schooling days requires you to look at learning in a whole new light.  Pool scrabble is a fun way to get the kids out side, get some good competition and have a lot of fun learning.  We came up with this idea after visiting a campsite that had a huge scrabble board on the lawn and Munchy wondered if we could do it in the pool. There are several ways to play this Continue reading

Dancing with the stars

Dancing with the stars…. well my little stars!!! The girls had a friend over and they put on a couple shows. The first was a dancing routine they made up in the pool, then a crime scene where mac played the good and bad guy and the last was were both girls have a swimming accident and Mac saves the day and saves both girls… lets just say they had a blast in the pool. Continue reading

Art Art art

We made the craft project that our Aunt Nancy sent us (2 years ago I think)… They had to follow the instructions and ended up with…. Belle made a mermaid Mac made a sock puppet, horse We went swimming but only lasted 5 minutes… And last Mckenzey saw a bird outside our porch and looked it up on the internet and this is what she found out…