Unschool Question: Should you homeschool all year or take the summer off

I have asked myself this very question many times. Should you homeschool all year or should you take the summer off? Honestly, you should do what ever works best for your family. Our family does school all year but we relax a little during the summer. Should you homeschool all year or take the summer off Relaxing to us mean we might not do math for a month or when we finish reading a book Continue reading

Take a Roadschool Summer Adventure and learn the fun way

Summer is almost upon us and everyone is starting to plan those summer vacation and adventures.  Some may go to our favorite place on earth, Disney World, while others may travel by plane, car or even RV.  Take a Roadschool summer adventure this summer and learn the fun way. The question most parents have, can the kids learn anything while we are vacationing without them knowing? We travel fulltime in an RV and Roadschool or Continue reading

4 Tips for Healthy, Pool-Friendly Snacks

Every parent knows that packing the cooler for a day at the pool is an art form. Along with ice packs, you have to squeeze in snacks that satisfy the refined tastes and dietary regulations of your little ones. For me that means my son’s fruit leather can never be touching his sister’s. And in with the day’s snacks, must go a day’s worth of beverages. On top of that, you have to be sure Continue reading

Summer 19 Marble Roller Coaster

marble roller coaster

I asked the girls the other day if they would like to make a marble roller coaster!?  The answer was YES, but how are we going to do that??? I found this idea on a free app called Instructables … It’s actually really easy and would be a ton of fun for a large group of kids, but worked great  for just the three of us and we had a blast. We started off by Continue reading