October Math war games and Halloween stories

We played math war games today with a deck of uno cards. The girls practice our addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division. I divided the cards in half and gave each girl one deck. We started by playing addition math war game by laying two cards down and adding them together and who ever had the highest number got all four cards. We did the same thing with subtracting the cards, multiplying, and dividing the cards. Continue reading

math, science – games

Uno Math Game First we layed all the numbers in the Uno deck out like a spiral Then we found some dice…. Here is how to play….Roll dice – number you roll is how many places you can move – when you get to that number you must multiply the numbered you rolled by the card number If you miss you have to go back – and the second player gets to try an answer Then the Continue reading

Fun learning or Unschooling

So, for now the girls are having a lot of fun learning or Unschooling. Right now we are trying to figure things out. This week I am trying something new. The kids are earning quarters for every 8 learning things we do. The neat part is the girls get to pick what things they want to learn. Mac fun learning activities included a spelling game, hard subtraction (100- numbers, fractions, hard addition – adding 100’s Continue reading