Pixar writing Class: more fun than a box of chocolates

I have never, and I mean never seen my kids so excited about Pixar writing Class.  They actually despise writing book reports and will do anything to avoid doing it.  I blame the fancy private school the girls used to go to in our home town.  The Pixar writing class was honestly the most fun we have had and the kids actually looked forward to each assignment every night. Here is what we did to Continue reading

Paisley’s Gotcha Day

The girls all got to celebrate gotcha day with Paisley today.  The Gotcha Day is the day that a child is placed into a family’s home for adoption, in other words, the day the family Gotcha.  She was so excited that she brought two poster all about China. The first one showed all the inventions that China has made through the years.  We went over what they were and some that were taken by other countries, like Continue reading

Math bowling – best game ever

I found a really fun game online, Math bowling. It was supposed to be a spelling bowling game. Well, it started as a spelling game but turned into a math game. Then the Math bowling game turned into a let’s see how far we can make the cups fly. It entertained the girls for a couple hours so, I say big success! Math Bowling or Spelling Bowl game. zy-roller walked Next, we ezy-roller walked to Continue reading