What if my child doesn’t want to learn spelling, vocabulary, or math?

What if my child doesn’t want to learn spelling, vocabulary, or math? The idea of Unschooling is to let your child decide what they want to learn and how they want to learn it.  The idea is not to push a certain curriculum on them or make them do it for a certain amount of time or even visit it every day.  Children learn through play and to allow them to be their own teacher.  What Continue reading

Road Trip Teacher and Unschooling Curriculum on the Black Hills

We are a unschooling family and normally do not use a unschooling curriculum but I like to shake things up every now and again.  We have been in the Black Hills for the last week and I thought it would be fun to reinforce what we have learned by using the Road Trip Teacher Study Guide.  The study guides are a great addition for those families that are traveling full-time, taking small vacations this summer or studying Continue reading

Simply Divine Apps 1 – math, history

 Simply Divine Apps I have been called the App Queen by several of my friends.  I think it is because I am always telling them about new apps I have found that my kids love and they all happen to educational, imagine that!!  So I thought I would share with the rest of you, so here is this weeks apps    

Unschooling with Magic School Bus learning about rotting tree and planets


As we get more and more involved in Unschooling we have found even more ways to learn. Today we started Unschooling with magic school bus and learned about rotting trees and the planets. The girls got on YouTube and watched some more Magic School Bus, this time Huggs watched a video on rotting trees and why they are necessary for the eco system and Munchy watched another video on the planets. Check out how we have been Continue reading

How to play Pool Scrabble

Summer Un schooling days requires you to look at learning in a whole new light.  Pool scrabble is a fun way to get the kids out side, get some good competition and have a lot of fun learning.  We came up with this idea after visiting a campsite that had a huge scrabble board on the lawn and Munchy wondered if we could do it in the pool. There are several ways to play this Continue reading

Math bowling

I found a really fun game online, that was supposed to be a spelling game. It started as a spelling game, but turned into a math game and then a let’s see how far we can make the cups fly. It entertained the girls for a couple hours so, I say big success. Next we ezy-roller walked to the club house. I decided we would sit in a nice shady spot and read, Mac is Continue reading