How to sneak in a little history on your summer vacation: Fort Hays

Summer is almost upon us and the question on every parents mind is: “How do I incorporate  a little learning in with our summer vacations?” Summer is a time to sit back enjoy a nice cup of lemonade, the outdoors, and spend time with those wonderful kids.  Every family loves going on vacation to visit family, business trips with mom or dad, or just for fun.  How do you make sure those little minds stay sharp in Continue reading

Name the biscuit that Australian soldiers ate during WWI

anzac biscuits

We have started our Co-op series of “FOOD AROUND THE WORLD“.  The girls and I thought we would start off by showing everyone how to make a yummy treat, Anzac biscuits.  We have never tasted these before today but the girls say they are really good. They also worked on their facts for tomorrow, which all the girls are going to do a travel video about Australia.  We are also going to do a craft Continue reading