August skating fun and making a bust

Once a month we get together with all the homeschoolers all over the Savannah area and skate at SK8city in Pooler Ga.  They have made us a really great deal so that we can skate when the normal kids are in school and gave us one heck of a deal on the price.  Only $7 for 2 hours of skating, skate rental, 1 piece of pizza, small drink, and 4 tokens.  The kids love it Continue reading

Crazy planets experiments and more

We did three more experiments about the stars and crazy planets and this time we did them with a friend. The first experiment the girls held a CD, with the shiny side up, in front of a sunny window and tilted it to see a rainbow. This was to show that white light has all the colors of the rainbow. The second experiment the girls did was making a night vision flash light. The girls Continue reading

Oreo Moon Phases

MOON PHASES This morning we read a book, The Moon (True Books), while I made breakfast and we eat. Then we made the phases of the moon with Oreo – that was fun because we got to eat the left over or ones we messed up on . I printed out two different sheets to show the girls what we were trying to do… Oreo Cookie Moon phases  and  Oreo-template and  movies of the phases  Source All about our Continue reading

math just science

I recently read an article on my Uncle Tom’s Facebook page… It basically says in a nut shell that maybe we should wait to teach our kids math till they are in sixth grade. I know your thinking are you crazy – the standards say we should do blah, blah, blah. Well I thought the same thing till I read this article and you know I think they have a point. So take look Continue reading

Day 5 unschool

Day 5 Unschool , started by playing Zoodels for a while this morning, then Mac read Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson. Belle played the Barbie game, and Mac played a really cool solar system game on our iPad. We haven’t decided if we want to buy that one. The most fun we had been doing some more building on the kenz roller coaster – it’s coming along.  Mac did her 4th piano lesson – she is Continue reading